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An Autum tree
The details make the design.

The Regal family business has been built on a strong foundation laid in the early 1950s. From furnishing luxurious mansions in Europe with oriental hand-knotted rugs to decorating today’s homes with quality, affordable designer carpets Regal Orient Arts laid the base to the foundation of Aaban Arts & Crafts. Bhadohi, situated 70 km to the west of Varanasi, is internationally known for its hand knotted and woollen carpets. Intrigued by the craftsmanship of hand-knotted rugs and having been already part of the Regal legacy, Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad Ansari (owner) established Aaban Arts & Crafts in the year 2002 as not only  leadership is passed on from generation to generation, but so is stewardship.

At Aaban Arts & Craft you can find a variety of fine Hand Knotted Carpets, Hand Loom Carpets, Jute Rugs, Dhurries, Kilims, Tibetan Carpets, Designer Carpets and other types of custom-made Rugs. We offer a diverse collection of modern to traditional rugs and carpets which are manufactured after selectively choosing the best quality raw materials including natural fibers like wool, jute and cotton as they have biodegradable properties and hence contribute to a greener environment. Each step is monitored in order to deliver the best quality to our customers. Every designer has a message to convey by their designs and Aaban Arts & Crafts is the right place to weave your art into reality. 

First Generation

Late Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad (1928-2011), a carpet connoisseur, had a vision to furnish homes with thoughtfully made beautiful carpets. Every home has a personality and his goal was to ensure that the carpets were made to match that! Working round the clock to create new designs, innovative patterns, using a myriad of vivid to neutral colors, his collection of handiwork was always a steal.

Mukhtar Ahmad  1967, Belgium 

Second Generation

Faiyaz Ahmad (proprietor) is the owner of Aaban Arts & Crafts. He has dedicated his entire life in the rug making industry and is able to provide world class service with his vast experience. We believe in providing good finished quality and cost effective products to our customers. Hence enabling  proper utilization of resources.  

The products showcase generational art.


Now we are capable of producing custom as well as bulk orders.

Second Generation

Faiyaz Ahmad (Proprietor)

Third Generation

Aaban Ahmad, Managing Member

From a very young age, I was intrigued by the rug making process and the beautiful intricate modern designs. Growing up in an environment where rugs are part of daily conversations i was convinced to be part of this legacy. The process of making rugs is simply magical.

From Hand Knotted to Flat Weaves all processes are unique and mesmerizing in their own way.

When a customer makes a  purchase at aaban arts he is ensured that the best quality and the right fit has been delivered. As known handmade rugs require skilled efforts and pass through several steps before reaching you. We at aaban arts monitor each and ever step closely to ensure perfection. The highest standards for our customers satisfaction is delivered.

Third Generation

Aaban Ahmad (Managing Member)

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